The book tells us a story of one big family and their friends. They are funny, but sometimes sad and scary stories as well. This book gives us a clear lesson of how important it is for family members to love each other and understand each other and to what it can lead to be coldhearted to one another and to the nature.

‘What I find fascinating in this book? Great stories, whole whirlwind of stories! The rhythm of storytelling, amazing style, dynamic, people and their different characteristics, surprises and plot twists, spectrum society, fantasy fireworks, great terms! No plural didactics. Freedom, love, respect.
A family of many children, relationships between different generations of family, we see an example of great love and caring. Relationships between teachers and students, lonely people, socially vulnerable young adult, protecting the nature, first love, sad stories of a lonely human, this book is about everything. And the author writes all of this so freely, so easily, that you will find yourself thinking about the whole country’s problems without even noticing. These kind of books can definitely make a reader happy! Get children to love reading books and not only reading! It will make them love living, help them find a good way to solve a problem and realize what’s really important in this world. Help them see who they really are.’

Mariam Tsiklauri, author
მხიარული ოჯახი და სხვებიც
Academic Press of Georgia
156 pages
ISBN: 9789941953088
Strange Sunday

Mariam Tsiklauri

The story tells about opposing urbanization and natural, about their interrelations, influence, conflict and care for each other. the plot takes place in the big city where is Zoo. Main Characters: Brother and sister, grandmother, and two squirrels - Buba and Boba. The boy and girl live near the zoo and every Sunday go there. They are friends with animals, bring them food, play with them … but one day children will not come to the zoo. Disquieted  beasts decide to find them and go out of the zoo into the city. of course the story has a happy ending.
For children 5-7 years
210 x 210 mm
12 pages
700 words
Handmade Stories

Irma Malatsidze

That is the reason it is called “Handmade stories”. The artist Iveta Chkhikvadze made the characters of the stories using different materials - she used cardboard, cloth, colorful paper, threads, buttons, shells etc. Within the book there are also the photos of all the objects from which the illustrations were made. Thus, except the fact that children can read the stories and have the chance to get to know the characters, they can also easily create similar characters. The children will have the opportunity to meet snail called Keramucha, will travel in the world of the sea, will drop in at the pastry shop, will meet robots, will also meet
dinosaurs named Pichiko and Taplia, also white bear, rhinoceros named Lonely and will learn about their marvelous adventures.
For children aged 6-9
The book contains 12 stories
The illustrations are handmade.
“Doctor Woodpecker” - Therapeutic Stories

Irma Malatsidze

The stories address the problems that children are often concerned about. Therapeutic stories will help young
children solve the problems with their peers, will raise their self-confidence, and will lead them create everyday healthy habits; will help to accept differences and also to overcome idleness. Fun adventures of story characters will make children realize, that lying does not last long, that breaking nuts with teeth is harmful, that if you eat healthily, you will be faster and healthier, that the pain from needle lasts only for few seconds and that darkness is not as scary as it might seem, because there are beautiful fireflies that fly at night.


Story for those, who think they are different from others and will never have friends;

Story for those who are scared of darkness;

Story for those who are upset with their friend;

Story for those who often repeat: I cannot do it!

Story for those who make fun of others;

Story for those who are lazy to work hard;

Story for those who are scared to have injection;

Story for those who are constantly insisting on buying things for them;

Story for those who do not take care of their belongings;

Story for those who often tell lies;

Story for those who do not brush teeth and will regret it one day;;

Story for those who have been rejected as a friend, but for whom things might change one day

Story for those who feel they are never understood by others but there will always be someone who will be empathetic;

Story for those who love delicious but unhealthy food;

Story for those who only think about themselves;
Collection of stories.
The book contains 15 stories
Sweet Land

Irma Malatsidze

The play written according to the given story was staged at the puppet theatre and at several children’s theatres.

The story about Sweet Land tells us about one particular country and its life. In the country there is an orange sun that rises in the morning and a banana moon that appears at night, the houses have the shape of jam pots, and instead of hail there is sugar candy that drops from the sky. There is a lemonade river and there is a candy road instead of asphalt. Everyone is happy in this country - King Karamelius, Queen Marmeladina, their daughter Rafaela and all their subordinates, who are happy and kind people. The king and Queen are so happy that they happily accept the choice of their daughter to marry a poor strolling musician.

In the story kindness and cruelty constantly oppose each other - The king of the Bitter Land attacks the king of the Sweet Land, vizier named “No one should know what we do” is organizing conspiracy against the king, chemist Alteusi’s magical drug will transform King Sting and Queen Zazu into kind people for several hours. Friendship and art help musician Linovio to get the heart of the princess.

There is a lot of fear, a lot of obstacles in the story, and the characters are easy to understand for the children as well as the reader. Author uses the principle of creating names: cruel vizier “No one should know what we do”, also cruel Don Cactus and his children Biter and Spiker, kind queen Candy Jelly, kind girl Rosy, Princess Rafaela, nanny Bun, who is fluffy kind nanny, shoe-maker Sole, boy named Nut, who loves nuts, and a cruel king Sting II.

There is constant fight between justice and injustice, but eventually everything ends with the victory of justice.
For children aged 5-7
Beauties of the Beauty Land

Irma Malatsidze

Beauty Land is a beautiful country, where beautiful women live. They are busy looking after themselves and the way they look.  They spend all days in beauty salons and tailor’s workshops. They use so much make up and perfume, that the country is under the crisis.

At the boarding school Madam Mannery is being taught only beauty related subjects, for example “The technology of doing make up”, “Durability of cosmetics”, “The history of fashion”

Because of this reason, the king of Beauty Land, Lopra XVII makes a decision to teach a lesson to these empty-headed women and he replaces ordinary mirrors with the magic ones. But, no woman would cope with old dresses and disheveled hair…..

The characters of the book - the alumnus of the Madan Mannery’s boarding-school, the owners of the tailor’s salon “Trum-Pery”, princess Snail, Madam Bambaduri, uncle Moriu and others are having a lot of adventures, but everything eventually ends well, as in all fairy-tales.
For children aged 6-9
Roubric “Gifts for girls”
Miscievous Luki in Time Land

Irma Malatsidze

The book tells us about a boy, named Luki, who is mischievous and because of this reason he is sent to barn. But he will find a magical door in the barn and from there he will move to a Time Land. In this country every clock shows different

time and in fact, cruel king has stolen their time. Luki will be the one who defeats the witch and will return time to the Time Land and color to the colorless country. Doing this will not be easy and Luki will have to overcome a lot of obstacles and will have to deal with lots of difficulties but he will fulfill his mission and only after this he will return home.
Adventure story
For children aged 6-9
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