• Gece Sesleri (Turkish)

    The novel “Sounds of the Night” is a family saga of rich Ortachlias living in Anatolia, which covers the history of four generations. The action takes place mainly in Anatolia, on the Bozova estate, from the 1920s to the early 2000s. The luxurious Ortachlia Palace keeps a lot of secrets, intrigues or love stories of its inhabitants. The example of the Ortachlia family clearly shows the events that took place in Turkey during this period, the political battles and the endless military coups that had an impact on the society of that time, on the relations between the generations. The novel tells a lot of stories of different characters, the logical end of which is the secret revealed by the diary accidentally discovered by the daughter in the mother’s drawer, which answers all the questions and turns the reader’s attitude towards this or that character upside down. The novel was received with great interest by the readers from the beginning, however, in recent years Aishe Culin has shared the fate of Elif აფafak and has also appeared to critics who have sharply criticized the writer for his moments depicting pedophilia.

  • Last Train to Istanbul

    Ayşe Kulin is a Turkish contemporary novelist and columnist. Kulin graduated in literature from the American College for Girls in Arnavutköy. She released a collection of short stories titled Güneşe Dön Yüzünü in 1984. A short story from this called Gülizar was made into a film titled Kırık Bebek in 1986, for which she won a screenplay award from the Turkish culture ministry. Kulin worked as a screen writer, cinematographer and producer for many films, television series and advertisements. In 1986, she won the Best Cinematographer Award from the Theatre Writers association for her work in the television series Ayaşlı ve Kiracıları.