• The Story of my Experiments with Truth

    ‘Get down!’ the official said. ‘Or I will get a constable to push you out!’‘Do that,’ I told him. ‘I will not get off this train!’ We know Mahatma Gandhi as the father of the nation, as the benign looking old man whose picture graces ourcurrency notes. But who was Mohandas KaramchandGandhi and what made him the phenomenon he was? Born into a middle class Gujarati family, Gandhi gaveevidence of his thirst for the truth at an early age. Tirelessly striving for the truth, Gandhi was usuallyharder on himself than on anyone else. His moralcourage and implicit faith in truth and above all hisbelief that love and nonviolence were the perfect weapons to win any fight made him a charismatic leader whose life and words continue to influence people today.

    ‘Gandhiji’s life in South Africa isvery interesting as the events therechanged him.’

    The Story of my experiments with truth M.K.Gandhi