Funny Family and others..


The book tells us a story of one big family and their friends. They are funny, but sometimes sad and scary stories as well. This book gives us a clear lesson of how important it is for family members to love each other and understand each other and to what it can lead to be coldhearted to one another and to the nature.

Lela Tsutskiridze’s Biography


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‘What I find fascinating in this book? Great stories, whole whirlwind of stories! The rhythm of storytelling, amazing style, dynamic, people and their different characteristics, surprises and plot twists, spectrum society, fantasy fireworks, great terms! No plural didactics. Freedom, love, respect. A family of many children, relationships between different generations of family, we see an example of great love and caring. Relationships between teachers and students, lonely people, socially vulnerable young adult, protecting the nature, first love, sad stories of a lonely human, this book is about everything. And the author writes all of this so freely, so easily, that you will find yourself thinking about the whole country’s problems without even noticing. These kind of books can definitely make a reader happy! Get children to love reading books and not only reading! It will make them love living, help them find a good way to solve a problem and realize what’s really important in this world. Help them see who they really are.’

Mariam Tsiklauri, author


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